Canada ranks second in the world for cocaine use

Canadians do cocaine and “totally” trust their dealers more than most other countries, according to a giant new report on global drug use.

The Global Drug Survey 2019, led by Dr. Adam Winstock and his team in London, surveyed more than 130,000 people across 36 countries.

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Researchers asked 1,960 Canadians how many days they used cocaine in the last 12 months.

Canada had the second-highest median number of days with 10 — which is almost once a month and close to double the global answer of six days a year. Canadians in the study reported using half a gram of cocaine, which matches the average worldwide.

“It’s not a surprise,” said Susan Bondy, an associate professor at the University of Toronto. “We sit high for drug and alcohol use in a lot of these studies.”

Scotland ranked number one for cocaine use at 12 days a year, and Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and England tied Canada for second place.

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But six of 10 Canadians surveyed who do use the drug want to do less, compared with 61 per cent of Italians, the most conflicted populace in the survey on drug use.

Despite being the most expensive drug in the world, the price of cocaine in Canada compared to the rest of the world might make it hard to quit. It costs about $85 per gram here compared to the global average of $120, according to respondents in the report.