bpmf is releasing Abide The Glide Volume 4 EP

Abide The Glide Vol. 4 is the final part of Jason’s (bpmf) third album after he released two ambient ones, Porusia Fallacy in 2007 and Telepathic Bubblebath in 2016. This 4th volume is the only one to be put out on vinyl, all other three are on band camp. The theme behind this production is portamento and the influences come from Chicago in the 90s.

Jason started playing live in 86′ with Free World along Steven Wytas, one of his first live projects releasing an LP called Amagi back in that year.
Next up he’d be a member of Prototype 909 in 1993, an electronic band hailing from New York which was signed to Sonic Records making a strong reputation as a unique among live techno bands at the time which used a large amount of equipment.

In 1994, Jason felt that techno was getting a bit too unfunky resulting the birth of Serotonin Records, trying to save the love he and John Selway had for the funkier electronic dance music of the early eighties: electro, electro disco, new wave, funk.
A year after, he started Schmer Records, the reason was simply a matter of having an outlet for the kind of stuff he was making far outside the mainstream of modern techno being supported by Nina Kraviz on her Fabric CD.

Founded by Jason Szostek, Schmer (the sublabel of Serotonin Records, founded in 1995) remains faithful to the raw underground techno surrounding its inception.
From their work with Auto Kinetic back in the 90s to their embellished compilations, including their earlier release this year “Smoking Is Still Bad For You”.
Bpmf [Button Pushin Mutha F*cka] is more than a little familiar with Serotonin Records.

Having released on the label in its initial phase and throughout its development, Abide The Glide Volume 4 is no less than a colourful, deep reflection of both the artist’s and label’s core values. Featuring a well discipled remix from Jamie Morris, the EP promises a cocktail of 90s throwback revitalized by up-to-date sampling and well established producing.

Even Straighter throws together house harmonies and coarse lows in this down-to-earth production. Think euro-star club couture excelled into cosmic territories.
Starting with a clean bassline Alt Slacks progresses into a call and response within both the samples and upper keys. The production is a refined example of the hypnotic effects that can be achieved when introducing simplistic themes to a steady composition.
Jamie Morris takes Even Straighter to the highs with a persistent an old school swirl of saturated techno beats.
Old Man River Pants subjects a filthy lead to an erratic overlay of slap-back sampling. It’s a production to loosen up tight minds and dilate tense atmospheres.

Abide The Glide Volume 4 will be available from September 1st on all stores via Schmer Records.