Boy Mistakes Father’s Ecstasy For Candy, Shares With Friends

Four elementary school boys in the Indonesian province of Riau accidentally took ecstasy allegedly belonging to one of the boys’ father, identified as a 46-year-old with the initials HR, who apparently didn’t do enough to hide it from his kids.

According to the police,HR’s 2-year-old son found the stash of ecstasy in his car. The toddler then gave it to his 8-year-old brother.

“The kids thought the green pills in their parents’ car were candy. They cut up the pills and shared them with friends,” Riau Police Spokesperson Sunarto told the media yesterday, as quoted by Detik.

The 8-year-old shared the pills with four of his friends, aged 7-9. They all swallowed the pills except for the 2-year-old and one friend who was put off by the pill’s bitterness after he tasted it.

The kids who took the pills then complained of headaches and were taken to hospital.

“They are feeling better now. They have received treatment,” Sunarto said.