Boxia next on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave label


Having kicked off his We Are The Brave imprint with two of his own outstanding releases (‘We Do What We Want’ and ‘Friday Night Dancing’) the time has come to hand the Brave baton on to one of techno’s new kids on the block.

It was mid-2015 when Boxia first caught the attention of We Are The Brave with a handful of demos that were deeply rooted in the same UK rave heritage that has been such a feature of Fitzpatrick’s own productions. Encouraged by this initial interest, Boxia “bravely” sought out Fitzpatrick at a rave in London and in the process sparked a common bond between the two Brits that went beyond the music. Testament in itself to the crew mentality that runs through the We Are The Brave spirit. However, despite these ties, being the first artist other than Alan himself to release on the label meant the pressure was on to deliver.

‘I really made an effort to rip up the rule book when making these Colour Sequence tracks,’ Boxia says. ‘I wanted to remove all the preconceptions I had about what I wanted my tracks to turn out like in order to help me achieve a sound that had a singular quality but that still worked on the dance floor.’

The eagle-eyed amongst you will be able join the dots between Fitzpatrick and Boxia. There was the unreleased ‘VIP’ edit of ‘1992’ that featured on Alan’s critically acclaimed ‘fabric 87’ mix compilation last year, and Boxia was the man tasked with warming up the Drumcode stage for Fitzpatrick at London’s Junction 2 festival back in June. As such, this release marks a new chapter of an already fruitful relationship with more Boxia music planned on WATB in 2017 as well as supporting Fitzpatrick on the label’s club events throughout the year.

“I am really excited to welcome Boxia onto We Are The Brave’ Alan says. ‘At the heart of it, we are a collective. I never wanted the label or our events or anything we do to be only about me, because I believe that the true strength of the concept comes from the combined contributions of everyone who adopts the “Brave” ethos. Whether you are a raver, a collector or an artist; you are an integral part of shaping what it is to be “Brave”.’


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