From the most famous clubs in the world and the people who tend to be inside partying, to people who are making the final decision at the door, this is a situation most of us experience every weekend.

Pulse Radio made an article about this tension and situation, that we wanted to share with you below.

‘Here’s a bit of trivia for your next pub quiz. The term ‘bouncer’ was first used by a British newspaper in 1883 to reference the resident bruiser employed to chuck non-payers out into the street. Bounce came from the manner in which this chucking was conducted. Pretty forcefully I’d wager old chap…

Perhaps the bouncers’ origin as chucker-outers and not letter-iners adds even more beef to the hostility that party people often associate with them. But seriously, what’s with the aggro bro? Maybe it’s because they’re all twats. Maybe you were the twat. Maybe it was because of last week when you conveniently forgot you chundered on his brand new Rockports. Through hazy memories of our inebriated state, we will never know the truth‘, states in the article.


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