Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner shared a cinematic video for his track ‘Part Twelve’

Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner has shared a cinematic video for his track ‘Part Twelve’.

The music video is a collaboration with Radioaktive Film – the Kyiv-based production house behind the ‘Chernobyl’ television series. Written and directed by Russian-born director Taisia Deeva, the story focuses on the life of a patriarchal and totalitarian community living in an isolated place after the death of the oldest man, who is also their leader. The video is darkly cinematic, and takes increasingly dark turns in its narrative.

Director Taisia Deeva says the idea for the video came naturally: “I am a big fan of Paul Kalkbrenner’s music. The first time I heard ‘Part Twelve’, it made me literally feel like life was flowing through my body. Sparks of ecstasy. A stabbing feeling of regret. The story then started to unfold in my head.”

Speaking about the video, Kalkbrenner adds: “Music videos can be tricky. They sometimes can ruin the spirit of a song with the wrong images.

“I was intrigued with this project from the beginning, especially as ‘Part Twelve’ was never a contender for a video. Taisia certainly gave the song a new level.”

‘Part Twelve’ was originally released as part of Kalkbrenner’s 2018 album ‘Parts of Life’.