Berlin Clubs To Unite With Politicians To Make The Scene Better

It is no secret that Berlin is the city that understands its nightlife. The city’s local government already made measures to protect it and allow it to grow.

The most recent development of this alliance project launched by the German NGO Friends of the Earth Germany and the organization clubliebe e.V. who want Berlin nightclubs to lead the charge in making their city carbon neutral city by the year of 2050.

“I think Berlin clubs are trendsetters, not just in terms of music, but also in terms of lifestyle. That’s why we as politicians focus on clubs now because they have such an impact. Thousands of people in Berlin go to clubs, thousands of people are coming to Berlin for the clubs, so we can really reach a lot of people by working with the clubs and making the clubs greener”, said Green Party representative Georg Kössler, for DW.

The new sustainability project, financed by the Berlin Senate, aims to advise nightclubs on installing eco-friendly lighting, cooling and heating systems, water installations and finding ways to manage their trash better.

We hope that other cities see Berlin as an example.