‘Berghain Girl’, Banging New Track You Need To Hear

Kevin Deelay release his new track Berghain Girl, right before the summer.

Watch the video below.

As a well known DJ and producer in Sweden’s underground scene, Kevin Deelay is ready to once again face the world with his new release – with a 7 min music video as well. This time it’s all about Techno.

Kevin Deelay, well-known in Sweden’s underground scene, and as the founder & host of Vibe Crib. But also international as a DJ, producer and inspiring person.

Right before this summer he release his new track Berghain Girl, which is inspired by a bunch of techno parties, places and people he met during the winter.

The track is created to be played for at least 5 minutes, just because it’s builds up with a massive steel hammer all the time.

The idea was to create a mix between a basement concrete techno party and a huge festival, where you can really imagine the girl, who’s mentioned in the song, dancing in front of the stage.

However, in the video, the girl is walking from her home to a gig where she’s about to play in 7 minutes. He wanted to get a good rolling drive, without a long break with strings and stuff, but still with a little calmer part and a massive hook in the middle.

It’s not really a singing song, but it’s created in a perfect way. The lyrics are inspired by the techno culture, and should give you the image of a happy rave girl.
Whether you hear the track at a party or in your headphones, you should feel that you really want to be on the dance floor.

Berghain Girl is the second release from Kevin at the label Poolside Recordings.
And since it’s a techno track, it will be released in their department Poolside X. Grab your copy here.