Ben Straw to release new EP

Fractured sounds returns to the fold for their 2nd release, a strong follow up to their initial record by UK producers ‘No rules’. For this EP we see the debut of label boss Ben Straw, who aptly delivers two tech heavy dance floor originals whilst RAD363 give their unique take on the remix duties, together dropping in a very useful EP for any dance floor.

Opening up the ep we have Ben’s ‘The Urge” not quite the raw and rugged affair we found before, but more of a paced , refined track. A well thought out techy chugger with a killer vocal hook.

Ben continues with his track ‘Fluffy Cats’ a rough and ready groover. Trippy vocals meander along the raw groove laid down with a pulsating bass line keeping things nice and bumpy, perfect for those full on raves.

RAD363 take on the remix duties for ‘Fluffy Cats’ and find a slightly less frantic interpretation , clever punctuation with the tribal perc allows the tracks to flip wherever the producers want to take it, and he wants to take you on a journey of dubbed out vocal hits and an acid trip of an arrangement.

Ben Straw – The Urge (Original Mix)
Ben Straw – Fluffy Cats (Original Mix)
Ben Straw – Fluffy Cats (RAD363 Remix)