Archaeologists Found A 1000 Year Old Cocaine

Unbelievable news coming from Bolivia as a team of archaeologists have found a 1,000-year old drug bundle, which contains traces of cocaine in a Bolivian cave.

According to a press release published by Penn State University, the international team of anthropologists found the bundle in the Cueva del Chileno rock shelter in southwestern Bolivia, while looking for ancient occupations.

The leather bag contained “two snuffing tablets used to pulverize psychotropic plants into snuff; a snuffing tube for smoking hallucinogenic plants; and a pouch constructed of three fox snouts.”

After obtaining a tiny scraping from the inner-lining of the fox-snout pouch, scientific analysis revealed the presence of several psychoactive compounds, including: cocaine, benzoylecgonine (the primary metabolite of cocaine), dimethyltryptamine (DMT), bufotenin and harmine; modern ayahuasca is prepared using the primary ingredients of harmine and DMT.

“This is the largest number of psychoactive substances ever found in a single archaeological assemblage from South America”.
Via: Mixmag