Anfisa Letyago Reveals N:S:DA Remixes featuring DJ Rush, Chris Liebing & more

Rising techno star Anfisa Letyago kicks off 2022 with the first pack of three-part remix series featuring DJ Rush, Adiel, Boston 168, Chris Liebing.

Napoli-based DJ and producer who made us fall in love with her smile and energy is kicking off 2022 with the a four-track remix package for her N:S:DA imprint titled Listen & Nisida (Remixed) Vol. 1.

Anfisa launched the imprint back in early 2021 with her Listen EP, which was followed by the six-track Nisida EP.

For the remix EP, which is the first in a three-part remix package, Anfisa tapped Chicago techno stalwart DJ Rush, who retooled Anfisa’s “Rising Sun.” Danza Tribale head honcho Adiel provided a remix of “Orizzonte,” and Tbilisi-based duo Boston 168 provided an edgy rework of “Gravity.” Berlin techno figurehead Chris Liebing also stepped up with histake on “Not There.”

Grab the remixes here.