ANECHOIC releases ‘Geosynchronous Orbit’

Anechoic produced a concept EP inspired by the orbit, and the gravity from a smallest subatomic particle to the largest star. ‘Geosynchronous Orbit’ is set to be released on Concrete. This 4 tracks vinyl EP + a bonus digital track is carefully constructed to represent the repeating path that one object can take around another one.

The gravity represents the harmony of the tracks that keep them playing without intersect. Each track has its own eccentricity – this is the amount an orbits path differs from a perfect circle.

So imagine all of the five tracks playing together, everyone has an eccentricity different from zero to the centre, each one has its own path, and a certain amount of time to make one complete orbit, this is the analogy with the concept EP ‘Geosynchronous Orbit’.

Pre-order your copy on Bandcamp, or Juno.

01. ANECHOIC – Deep Space Communications Network (Original Mix)— 05:45
02. ANECHOIC – Eccentricity Classifications (Original Mix) — 05:46
03. ANECHOIC – Geosynchronus Orbit (Original Mix) — 05:55
04. ANECHOIC – Tolman Oppenheimer Volkoff Limit (Original Mix) — 07:01
05. ANECHOIC – Roots Of The Characteristics Polynomial (BONUS TRACK
—only with digital download code) — 05:45