Abstract Man To Release ‘Curiosity’ EP


This four-track EP named ‘Curiosity’ from techno duo, Abstract Man marks the beginning of the new On the 5th Day imprint, the latest branch to extend from the heart of the London-based underground techno project.

The final outputs of a year-long creative journey in the studio with a focus on analogue machines, ‘Curiosity’ (including Mike Parker remix) represents a chapter of exploration into sound design and manipulation, and the unity and evolution of two separate musical identities through the collaborative process.

The debut release from Abstract Man begins with ‘Curiosity’ itself, portraying the first stages of the pair’s collaboration and inspired by a shared appreciation for driving, hypnotic techno. Mesmerizingly linear and highly textured, the components forming Curiosity’s foundations each command their own space, separately evolving with clear purpose whilst interacting in a compelling, ritualistic dance to lock in the listener. Its overall progression, including an emerging chant-like drone, signifies the manifestation of a new artistic voice, all together making this a symbolic achievement for Abstract Man, as well as a compelling and highly effective tool for the dance floor. The subsequent Mike Parker remix of the same track is another striking portrayal of his distinguishable sound and style, whilst developing to present something surprising and perhaps unexpected from the techno veteran, making this a must for collectors of his work.

Then follows ‘Proposition’, exploring the powerful possibilities through simplicity and symbolising the “less is more” approach which fuelled much of the first chapter of Abstract Man’s time in the studio. The joining of its elements creates a dark, seductive and unwavering tension, making it the ultimate tester for any venue’s sound system!

Finally, ‘Exploration’ steps in a with an uplifting vigour and propulsive, rhythmic magnetism, rounding off the EP nicely with its feeling of freedom and completeness, leaving a sense of intrigue in readiness for their next instalment.

Release date is 2nd of February on digital and vinyl.

Pre-order ‘Abstract Man – Curiosity’ on Juno.


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