Abdulla Rashim shares main track from his new ep as Anthony Linell

Photography by Joanna Janson

Ever capitalizing on aerodynamic tactics, Anthony Linell’s latest EP presents three tracks that exceed gravitational force with the slickest of manoeuvres. The concise intensity of ‘Layers of Reality’ is somewhat prefigured in Linell’s recent move away from his well established Abdulla Rashim moniker.

This was first seen with his brooding collection of tracks on ‘Consolidate,’ and then followed up with ‘Emerald Fluorescents,’ a coruscating and purposeful album that summoned a new registry of hypnotic—though strident—techno. The change of name nods to the subtle switch further articulated in ‘Layers of Reality,’ though it is better understood as an aspect of a greater route of refinement that has seemingly been uncovered by Linell.

Tersely fluctuating and resoundingly austere, the EP has its moments of breezy volatility that punctuates the mesmeric cycles to sweeping effect. The track titles themselves allude to a less-than-casual dysphoria. Taken with the agile and propulsive rhythmic temperament inside, there is an almost abrasive clash that topples ‘Layers of Reality’ over into the most outspoken work of Linell’s to date.

Release date is November 27th, 2017.