8 Men Hospitalized After Taking Spice Sold as MDMA

8 men were hospitalized after suffering from seizures after they took what they thought was MDMA. One of the men only being identified as Charlie says that he believes it was ‘crystallized Spice’.

According to Rave Jungle, early in the hours of Monday morning, Charlie and his friends starting seizing and freaking out after they took what was believed to be MDMA.

“One person took it first and about 20 minutes later he started falling all over the place and tripping over stuff that wasn’t there. We just thought he was off his head. We all took some and within the hour the first guy was unconscious. Then someone fell over in the bathroom and he was unconscious.”

Just a reminder, spice is a mix of herbs and man-made chemicals with mind-altering effects. It is often called “synthetic marijuana” or “fake weed” because some of the chemicals in it are similar to ones in cannabis; but its effects are sometimes very different and frequently much stronger.

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