10 Things You Must Bring When Going To A Festival

Featured image via: FB/Lovefest

Festival season is approaching faster than we expected, and in less then a month some of us will head the first spring dates around the glob. Besides picking festivals with great line up and location, it’s important to go well-prepared.

Here are 10 things that make essential festival supply.

Comfortable shoes

Besides having great things to wear, comfy sneakers that are easily washable or cleanable.

Wet wipes

With the lack of showers and increase of sweating, wet wipes are the perfect solution you just can’t allow yourself to forget.


Water is the basic for festival, and even if you can’t bring it inside the festival grounds, always buy enough water.

Cool sunglasses

Outrages shades are a thing at every festival, and a great way to leave an impression.

Portable charger

It’s a must!