Uniting Souls Music break the charts with new ‘Say It Right’ EP!

As the flowers begin to blossom and we enter spring, Uniting Souls Music continue with their steady string of anticipated releases for the year.
This release is a four-part concept EP from ASW that details the story of two souls who form a bond that possesses the love & power to crest mountains + oceans. It’s a story of emotional development, empathy, and love.


ASW (A Single Wave, AKA Alex Wagner)

The astronomer Kepler believed that out of the Big Bang resonated a single harmonic consonant tone that rang out through every atom, every building block for the Universe that we know. ASW pieces together bits of the Universe to create music that amplifies hope within others. DJ Mag, in September 2021, listed him as an emerging artist to watch. He has been featured by: Space Yacht, Abracadabra TV, SPIN.com, SiriusXM, and more. As a mental health advocate, he has raised thousands of dollars for Crisis Text Line and other nonprofits. ASW continually works on bridging the worlds of arts, music, and wellbeing. He founded Grooving for Good in 2021, an event series that utilizes creative expression to further emotional intelligence and mental health education and awareness. Primarily functioning in nightlife, in 2022 the series has expanded to Universities, Parks, and more. Let’s ride this wave together. Let’s Groove for Good!

Pete Moss (Recline, Ovum, Kwench)

Philadelphia based artist Pete Moss knows a thing or two about house music, having traveled the world in search of the ultimate underground dance floors, while releasing over 150 projects on top labels such as: Ovum, Dessous, ALola, Definity, Large, Seamless, I records, MN2’s, Acryl and dozens of others… including his own Reclineimprint. Known as one of the finest late night/underground DJ’s on the map, crushing it at the likes of; fabric London, La Terrazza Barcelona, Roxy Prague, Salon Daome Montreal, Harlot San Francisco, King King L.A, The Arches Glasgow, La Santanera PDC Mexico, Rioma Mexico City, Smartbar Chicago, Living Room Miami, among others. Pete has a reputation for giving his all at every gig, leaving people touched & inspired by his signature deep and eclectic sound. Candy Talk Records kicked off 2021 with it’s twenty-second release, featuring the first in a two part retrospective compilation “The Days” from label favorite, Philly’s deep house aficionado, Pete Moss. This two-part retrospective compiled by label head Colette features some of Moss’ most memorable moments, with many tracks originally only available in limited quantities. These hand chosen tracks have all been remastered for today’s modern fidelity.

Tony H (Late Night Munchies, Dirtybird, Desert Hearts)

Tony H is a Panama born DJ, now based in Seattle WA. In 2015 he founded his own label, Late Night Munchies, then in 2019 started up Munchies After Dark, a sub-label primarily focusing in melodic house and techno. Tony’s energetic attitude and live performance skills have always been a powerhouse in the scene as they are shining and breaking through to the forefront today. Kevin Knapp is on record saying Tony was an “artist to watch” in 2021 and that held true into 2022 when he was put on the “10 Rising Black Artists You Should Know” in Gray Area Magazine. Aside from founding his own labels, Tony has releases on; Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, Space Yacht, Music Is 4 Lovers, Flashmob Records, Uniting Souls, and many more. If you’re not acquainted with Tony, Late Night Munchies, or any of his projects, we suggest this is your time to go down the rabbit hole.

Rachel Vick

Rachel Vick is a Seattle-based DJ, producer/remixer, composer/songwriter, vocalist, guitar player, and overall music aficionado. Her sultry vocals are featured on Pete Moss’ vox remix of ASW’s “Say It Right”.

You can listen to / buy a copy of the EP HERE!