Sol Selectas drops an upbeat Afro house EP by RUSKAR

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas drops an upbeat Afro house EP by RUSKAR which features organic sounds and vibrant percussion.

RUSKAR is a young talent from São Paulo in Brazil and his music blends the traditional music of South America with contemporary electronic sounds to create music that transcends generations.

A passionate young producer and DJ, RUSKAR is a raw and exciting talent who is still early in his career, but already, he has caught the attention of Sabo who has welcomed him as the newest member of the Sol Selectas family.

Prior to this release, RUSKAR has featured on other labels such as Nature Recordings, iM Electronica and Brazuka Music. This is only his fourth official release, but he has already been making waves within the Afro house community, and is well known within São Paulo’s thriving underground music scene.

“Amazônia” is the first of the two tracks on the release, and it’s got a funk-fuelled bassline layered with upbeat percussion and spiralling synth pads. Its tropical bird sound and other ambient effects transport the listener to warmer climates and give the track a trippy vibe.

“Resistência” is a psychedelic track with springy sounds and the modulating tones of rippling synths fuse with a live conga loop. Pitched vocals and dramatic bass chords add to the free-flowing groove of the percussion that fills the track with radiant energy.

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