Simina Returns to OFF Recordings with ‘Intuition Authority’

In the wake of a series of electrifying career milestones in 2024, Simina Grigoriu, one of the European techno circuit’s most integral artists, now unleashes her latest techno hit, ‘Intuition Authority.’ Out now, the eagerly anticipated single marks Simina’s triumphant return to OFF Recordings, following the release of her mighty cut ‘False Prophets’ for the imprint back in 2023.

Grigoriu’s journey over the past twelve months has been nothing short of remarkable. Her monumental comeback on We Are The Brave with the ‘The Ceremonialist’ EP in March garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying her status as a certified powerhouse within the industry. A debut on Drumcode Records with ‘Flight Tracker’ and an exceptional performance at London’s iconic E1 venue alongside Stella Bossi further cemented her reputation as an artist worthy of international stardom.

The bold and hard-hitting ‘Intuition Authority’ is yet another standout record in Simina’s extensive catalogue of quality cuts. A sonic journey built on the foundations of raw and refined techno, the track puts on a heady display of scintillating rhythms, industrial timbres and melodic synth intricacies. With her masterful production skills on full display, Simina effortlessly navigates through intricate layers of sound design components, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the rapture of her minimalist strain of techno.

This latest release comes hot on the heels of Grigoriu’s milestone celebration of Kuukou Records’ 100th release with the acclaimed ‘Iron Angel,’ which branded her imprint as a beacon of cutting-edge music within the underground realm. With ‘Intuition Authority,’ Grigoriu once again demonstrates her unwavering contribution to the progression of techno, whilst forging a distinct soundprint that honors the genre’s storied roots.

Simina Grigoriu – Intuition Authority is out now via OFF Recordings.