Ralphie Dee & Staten Island Drama Club joined forces for ‘I Like To Party’

Dance Planet proudly presents “I Like To Party,” a scorching new release from Ralphie Dee in collaboration with Staten Island Drama Club. Dropping just in time for the height of summer on July 5, 2024, this track is set to burn dance floors worldwide with Ralphie’s trademark infectious energy and flair.

It’s a true dancefloor KILLER, blending the nostalgic essence of old-school disco with a modern, edgy twist that you cannot ignore. Catchy percussion and dynamic vocals that promise to energize any crowd. Reminiscent of disco’s golden era and invigorated with contemporary production knowledge.

As Ralphie Dee puts it, “This release should burn your dance floors with its catchy horns and vocals, a Nu Disco Anthem just in time for summer!” The connection is strong and that results in a track that is highly infectious.

Grab it here!