O’Fella presents his debut album, ‘Cosmosis’, on the OFREC imprint

O’Fella Recordings is an underground techno label created by Angus O’Ferrall in the UK.

The O’Fella label head and artist of the same name has appearances on Luca Maniaci’s Mind Games in Italy, Netherlands label Patterns and Glasgow’s Oscillator One.

Cosmosis is O’Fella’s debut album as he steps into a concept of stimulating sound design and distinctive productions. Grab it here.

“Grey to White” opens the album with a synth-based, ambient delight, “Extraneous” is a tribal percussion and abstract trip. “Moon Skates” introduces a dreamy funk and quirky melodies, while “Marching Melancholy” is an IDM treat with a thumping broken beat. Track five “Martian Tears” has a deep groove with warm and subtle bell highlights, followed by an interlude titled “Breathe” is created from drones and abstract tones. “Syncopate Mentality” has a more powerful feeling from shuffling kicks under a dystopian soundscape, leading to “Vigil” made of cyclical acid licks amidst a bouncing tom and deep pads. “Magnets” has a soulful and Detroit-influenced groove before closing things out with “Channings” another seemingly braindance-inspired cut with heartwarming chords.