Nabil Hayat drops ‘Force Mono’

Up next are 4 new tracks from Nabil Hayat with his new EP named ‘Force Mono’.

Trikala feels like it’s out of a cinematic scene with its wide alien-like basses, sweeping pads and soft cymbals while Night incorporates elements of a futuristic Detroit style infused classic cut.

With its programmed 909 grooves , bass stabs, metallic hi-hats and ultra smooth breakdown until it all slowly fades back in for a final time. Friction is a four to the floor, bass heavy, hypnotic track which takes you into a deep trance with its layered textures, resonated delayed stabs and locked rhythm.

Lastly is Force Mono includes syncopated claps and percussion with elements coming and going will sure to keep the listener entertained.

Grab your copy here.