JC Laurent is back on his Cielo Records with ‘All The Symbols’

Cielo Records is a France-based label project from JC Laurent and this is the second EP that features four new tracks from himself.

Having over ten years of production experience to his name, JC has released on the likes of Coyu’s Suara, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, and Deepak Sharma’s Hidden Recordings amongst others.

“Chemical Clouds” opens the EP with tribal tones and a broken beat style with wobbling tones of analogue warmth.

Second up is “All The Symbols” with a stripped back groove and abstract percussion in this ethereal trip.

“Ghidra” is another slice of spaced-out techno with bubbling effects and cavernous vibes.

Closing with “The Hymn” and its atmospheric shimmers, the tom drum rhythm creates a captivating style and flowing sound of beauty.

Grab your copy here.