Interview: Tetsumasa

Introducing a musician who has mastered the art of musical evolution is like ushering in a delightful breeze of fresh tunes into a room that’s been stagnant for a tad too long.

Our artist at the mic today has not only unraveled the mystery of blending experimental vibes with eclectic overtones, but also just release an EP, cheekily named “Lots Of Questions,” that offers something to both the club crowd and the die-hard fans of the beat.

Read on for our interview with Tetsumasa…

Musical Evolution: How would you say your music has evolved from your previous works to this upcoming EP “Lots Of Questions”?

Since around 2020, I’ve been mixing things up and trying out different styles. It wasn’t easy, Combining my old experimental vibe with a more poppy feel. But with “Lots Of Questions,” I think I’ve nailed it. Before 2020, my stuff was more for the hardcore club scene fans, real niche stuff. But now, I believe this project can vibe with the club crowd and still satisfy the die-hard fans.

Creative Process: Can you walk us through your creative process when composing a new track for this EP?

For this EP and in general, I don’t start with a specific image in mind. Instead, I begin by playing around with synths, samples, and plugins in Ableton Live. I experiment and create tracks without a predetermined notion of whether it will be a drum track, a bass track, or something else. Once I have the initial material, I create a large number of other tracks to complement it. I then trim the tracks that don’t fit together. I usually end up using about a quarter of my work that I feel flow together.

Title Significance: What’s the story behind the title “Lots Of Questions”? How does it reflect the theme or message of the EP?

The title “Lots Of Questions” is all about exploring. It’s like I’m throwing questions at myself and the audience, kind of a way to figure out where I’m at and where I’m headed, like in this space between reality and dreams. And I’m hoping the audience can pitch in with some answers, too.

Influences: Who were your major musical influences while working on this EP, and how have they shaped your sound?

I’ve listened to a lot of electronic music artists, and I’ve been influenced by many of them. I can’t list them all, but to name a few, Gold Panda, Moderat, Isola, Babii, Lapalux, Skee Mask, and even though they’re in a completely different genre, I also like Men I Trust and listen to them frequently. I believe I draw inspiration from music like that. For example, the first track, “Moment In Berlin,” has a different atmosphere, but the percussion and bassline are slightly influenced by Gold Panda.

Collaborations: Are there any exciting collaborations you would love to do? and why?

I’m always open to collaboration. It can lead to unexpected and wonderful creations, which is fantastic. I don’t have specific artists in mind, but collaborating with a vocalist in electronic music would be great. Also, I’ve been listening to “Salamanda” a lot recently So if I can make music with them it would be amazing. 

Favorite Track: Do you have a favorite track on the EP? If so, what makes it special to you?

Choosing favorites can be difficult. Each track in the EP holds a special place in my heart. But I believe “Moment in Berlin” turned out quite well and is one of my personal favorites. I tend to favor an artist’s original and unique style over typical styles, and “Moment in Berlin” stands out to me because of its unique drum patterns, synthesizer patterns, and samples. It also has a lot of my personal vibe.

Challenges: What were the biggest challenges you faced during the production of this EP, and how did you overcome them?

I always take my time and create a large number of discarded tracks, sifting through the pile of “musical scraps” to build a single track. It can be a challenging process, but I make sure to maintain a consistent level of quality. I’ll take breaks and walk to my local park, Boxi, to refresh my mind and maybe find inspiration.

Live Performances: Do you have plans for live performances to promote the EP? How do you perform live, DJ or something more?

Currently, the DJ for the Berlin radio show “Refuge Radio” has been decided, but there are no other plans confirmed at the moment. In the future, I aim to not only perform DJ sets and live performances in Berlin but also actively explore opportunities in other countries.

Audience Reaction: What kind of impact or reaction are you hoping to evoke from your audience with “Lots Of Questions”?

Dancing is great, but if my music can truly evoke emotions in the audience, that’s definitely the ultimate goal. I would be especially delighted if listeners could feel the Berlin vibe from the first track, “Moment in Berlin.” The music video is also designed to capture the essence of “Moment in Berlin,” so I hope you get a chance to watch it sometime.

Visuals: How have you approached the visual aspect of the EP, in terms of album art, music videos, or stage performances?

The artwork and the visualizer video for the second track, “Lots Of Questions,” were shot by Keyi Magazin in Berlin. I conveyed my vision to them and entrusted them with the set, styling, and makeup. They are highly experienced and trustworthy professionals. As for the music video of the first track, “Moment In Berlin,” I filmed my favorite parts of Berlin and had a friend edit it. Except for the parts where I appear, I handled the filming myself. I believe that artwork, music videos, and titles are essential aspects of the music. They serve as a kind of instruction manual for how to enjoy the music. Even if listeners are unsure about how to fully understand my music, the artwork and videos provide visual hints about the world I’m trying to create.

Unexpected Inspirations: Were there any unexpected sources of inspiration that significantly impacted the direction of “Lots Of Questions”?

Yes, indeed, unexpected sources of inspiration have had a significant impact on the work. I enjoy going to bars with friends on the weekends, and I’ve drawn inspiration from the vibe of Berlin’s weekend nightlife. There, I’ve discovered new tracks through Shazam and been inspired by the music being played. These elements have added new dimensions to the theme of the music and enriched the work.

Personal Growth: In what ways has working on “Lots Of Questions” contributed to your personal and artistic growth?

Working on “Lots Of Questions” contributed to my personal and artistic growth in several ways. First, regarding the second track, “Lots Of Questions,” I hadn’t created many house-style tracks like this before, so it was initially challenging. While typical house music might be easier, it was difficult to incorporate the house style into my own artistic vision. In that sense, completing this track expanded my artistic skills and allowed me to develop a more diverse and dynamic musical style. On a personal level, by delving into the theme of introspection and self-discovery that is woven throughout the entire EP, I was able to learn more about myself. “Lots Of Questions” is like a mirror for me. I saw myself in “Lots Of Questions.”

Future Endeavors: Beyond “Lots Of Questions”, what’s next on the horizon for you musically? Any sneak peeks you can share about upcoming projects or directions?

I’m already working on the next EP and anticipate releasing it in the near future. For a while, I plan to continue releasing music in a direction similar to “Lots Of Questions.” But I’m known to change my mind quite often, so who knows what might happen. I also look forward to actively performing DJ sets and live shows in various locations.

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