Interview: Solee

Esteemed German artist Solee has made a huge impact on the European techno circuit since his arrival on the scene in 2006. Heading up one of the most influential labels in his field – Parquet Recordings – the producer, DJ and live act has built an impeccable reputation for his distinct strain of underground beats.

Having delivered an impressive stream of both originals and collaborative offerings in 2023 for the likes of Ritter Butzke, Spectrum and Global Underground, Solee returned to his own 2021-launched Future Romance imprint for his two-track ‘Euphoria/Tanz der Planeten’ release in September, bringing with it a host of global support and new listeners. Now continuing this rich vein of form, the established talent unveils his latest single ‘Krake’.

Hey Solee, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Where in the world are you at the moment?

Hello, you’re welcome! I’m currently sitting in my home studio, near Stuttgart in Germany.

For those of our readers who are not yet familiar with your work, can you describe your brand of techno?

I´ve been producing deep and melodic house & techno music since 2006. Sometimes a little more minimal, sometimes a little more trancy, sometimes faster and sometimes slower. It depends on my mood and the influences I am exposed to. I try not to repeat myself too much, to surprise both my listeners and myself. I don´t like it when every track sounds the same, it must constantly evolve. What I always have in mind with my music is to tell a story and take the listeners on a journey!

Let’s talk about your new single ‘Krake’. How did this one come about and how has the feedback been so far?

After watching the Netflix documentary „My Octopus teacher“ this summer, I became a big fan of these creatures and it inspired me to write „Krake”. They have 3 hearts and blue blood, each of their arms seem to have a mind of their own. The male octopus dies shortly after mating, the female dies shortly after the birth of the offspring. Wedding is the end of every Octopus life! „Krake“ is dedicated to these impressive and intelligent creatures.

The track was finished after a few days, which was definitely a good sign. If you work on a track for too long and keep changing it, nothing good usually comes out. At least this is my personal experience. That wasn’t the case here and everything fell into place quite quickly.  I played „Krake“ during my gigs and the feedback was always fantastic. That also gives me confirmation that the time has come to release it.

Talk us through your process in the studio. Do you have a particular format that you stick to when producing new music?

I usually start by looking for a main melody or harmony that captivates me. Then I compose the rest of the track around that. Sometimes I also have a specific idea of a bassline or beat in my head. Then I start with it and then look for melodies. „Krake“ started with the main stabs melody and the acid line, which I was looking for right at the beginning to add more energy to the dreamy vibe of the melody. I generally look for all the important elements of the track first and then start to arrange them. When I’m arranging, it happens that some elements fall out or I notice that something is still missing.

The single is out on Future Romance – a label you launched a couple of years ago. Can you tell us why you decided to launch the imprint? Is there a particular story or ethos around it?

Yes I launched Future Romance in 2021 after running the Parquet Recordings label for 15 years. It was time for something new. A new chapter. My productions have somehow evolved and changed over the years, so I wanted to give them a new fresh home too.  In my opinion, we live in a new time (not only musical), where a lot has changed, the artists/DJs, the music industry, the methods of promoting music, the clubbers, the listeners behavior – so a new platform was needed for my music. But not just for my music but also for great music from other talented artists who fit into the deep, creative & melodic label sound. I would like to make sure that the label mainly features artists who write & produce their own music, in their own studios with their own ideas. Real musical artists. I don´t think its a super-bad thing that there are many DJs out there who get ghost produced, this has been a working business model for a long time. And somehow almost everything has its right to exist. But those are not the people I want to support on Future Romance.

Do you have any other releases in the pipeline that we should know about?

I´m constantly in the studio and always working on new music. After „Krake“, my next track will be released on Future Romance in January 2024. And many more will follow in 2024. 😉

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Before wisdom and knowledge comes tolerance and kindness. Without humanity and charity our existence is not worth living. (Charlie Chaplin)


Grab your copy of „Krake“ here!