Interview: Local Dialect

Up next in our interview series is the long-standing duo Local Dialect here to speak about their new label Translations and ‘Hallucinations’ EP!

Congratulations on the release of your ‘Hallucinations’ EP and the launch of Translations! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting your own label?

Thanks! We created a label to have more control over our musical output. We wanted to release the songs that we believed in and that we knew people were connecting with on the dancefloor, so we decided to build our own musical world and forge our own path.

What does the name Translations signify for you, and how does it reflect your vision for the label?

Our name, Local Dialect, comes from the concept that music is a universal language, and that our music is our own dialect of that language. Every culture in human history has had a musical element, and it’s something that moves us deeply in a way that is almost spiritual. It is a force that connects all of humanity, and Translations is our way of sharing our musical vision with the world.

Can you walk us through the creative process behind the ‘Hallucinations’ EP? How did each track come to life?

Both tracks came to life in the same way, through a jam session on our analog synths! We usually noodle around on the Prophet 6 or one of our Moogs until something catches our ear. Both tracks came together as instrumentals and then had vocals added on to provide more interest and a stronger, more memorable hook for listeners. We love the synths because it’s so easy to stumble upon interesting sounds, like the FM modulation on the main lead in Hallucinations!

How does the sound of ‘Hallucinations’ differ from your previous releases? Were there any new techniques or influences you explored?

This EP is an extension of a sound that we have been exploring for some time, a dark, club-focused banger that still has a touch of Local Dialect melodies. We used some new techniques for the low end of these tracks, as well as some interesting FX and distortion on the bass sounds.

The electronic music scene is constantly evolving. How do you see Translations contributing to this evolution?

Translations will carve a place out in the scene with tracks that hit hard on the dancefloor while still retaining feeling and emotion. We love club music but we’re always looking to imbue as much life and soul into our songs as we can!

As artists, what does having your own label allow you to do that you couldn’t before?

It gives us the ability to release whatever songs we want, whenever we want. This gives us complete control over the creative and promotional process, letting us show the world the things that we want to show.

What criteria do you have for the artists and music you plan to release on Translations?

No rules! Just good music.

Can you share any upcoming projects or releases on Translations that we should look forward to?

We have a series of releases to celebrate the launch of our label – another EP coming next month and a vocal single coming in July. We’ve been testing both releases and we’re so proud of how the sound has come together and the responses we’ve been getting!

How do you balance running a label with our responsibilities and creativity as performing artists?

It’s tough! We are just getting used to all of the work that goes into running a label, and it helps to block out stretches of time or even days to just do label work. This allows us to be creative and less stressed on “studio” days dedicated to music.

Looking ahead, what are your goals for Local Dialect and Translations in the next few years?

We’d love to build the label into a brand that will allow us to put on some events. DJing and throwing parties is what first brought us together, so we’d love to continue that tradition on a much larger scale. 🙂