Huebl drops ‘Prdct 01’ on nine0nine

Huebl is making a mix of techno’s origins – developed in the mid-80s in the motor city of Detroit – and late 90s’ techno anthems. This allows him to create charming but powerful tracks. Additionally, Huebl doesn’t take himself too seriously and always manages to slip in some humor, the so called „Wiener Schmäh“.

“Vienna Calling…No waltz and no schnitzel. Huebl shows that Austria’s capital can also deliver groovy and authentic techno. Huebl’s music consists of shuffled grooves, droning baselines, a Roland TR-909 and warm synthbeds, topped off with catchy vocals. Here, Huebl mainly collaborates with People of Color”, said Huebl.

Grab your copy here.