Future Self drops ‘Know’ on Self Control

At the end of August, Self Control are set to illuminate the scene with a release that has a mix of styles that challenges norms. On Friday, August 25, Future Self unleashes the vocal progressive “Know” featuring a remix from Swedish duo Félag. The package is a exploration between old-school progressive deepness and dub techno. The original mix features ethereal vocals and heavy rhythm section with the remix driving a left of centre dubbed out gorgeous soundscape.

The remix is notable in itself. Coming from Félag, the fresh name that see’s two seasoned producers join forces in an effort to establish their “Norse Dub” sound. In their own words “Deep techno as warm and glowing as an aurora borealis in the dark Scandi night. Flickering dubstep as brittle and crisp as a winter’s morning. Ancient futurism has never sounded as good as this.” Félag transforms “Know” into an atmospheric odyssey.

The contrast between Future Self’s pulsating original and Félag’s crystalline dub serves to magnify the versatility of electronic music and is exactly what Self Control Records embodies. One track, two versions, bridging the gap between the past and the future, a testament to the unbroken chain of creativity the label has nurtured.

Grab your copy here.