French-based label Cielo Records releases new material from label boss JC Laurent

French-based label Cielo Records is a techno project from JC Laurent that has so far been a vessel for his own cutting-edge ideas and diverse taste.

Having over ten years of production experience to his name, JC Laurent has released on the likes of Coyu’s Suara, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, and Deepak Sharma’s Hidden Recordings amongst others.

Na Nich is a Ukranian artist who features with the solo remix here and can be found on the mighty Delsin Records, Svreca’s Semantica, Viels’ End of Perception and his own Rhythm Büro.

Starting with “Comet” it’s a melting pot of dub techno and modular sound effects with an ethereal, analogue presence.

Second up is the “Comet (Na Nich Remix)” which adds an even more dreamy textures to some elements turning it into a dystopian soundscape.

“Nothing But An Illusion” steps into a slightly leftfield approach with cyclical tones, shuffling beat and a sci-fi aesthetic.

The final track titled “The Switch” is an overall deeper facet of techno that intertwines with a looming intensity.

Grab your copy HERE!