Dsum releases highly anticipated album “Water In The Moon”

“Water In The Moon” marks the highly anticipated album release by Dsum. Following his last album in 2022, Dsum unveils a 12-track opus meticulously crafted to explore the boundaries of electro sounds, oscillating between experimental ambient and Detroit electro. It represents perhaps his most musically rich endeavor to date.

To be released under his own label, Back Door, his fourth album is the culmination of years of introspective musical exploration, tracing its origins back to the lockdown period of 2020. A tribute to the genesis of electronic music, “Water In The Moon” pays homage to Dsum’s electronic roots while pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation.

Drenched in analog warmth, the album boasts lush pads, expansive synths, and gritty 808 electro beats, crafting a mesmerizing mosaic of soundscapes that transport you to outer space. Every track showcases Dsum’s production and electronic music expertise, with brief variations and instrumental snippets adding to a unified journey of auditory exploration.

Presented in two EP releases, The “Gravity Loss EP” and “Double Distance EP” serve as the album’s twin pillars, each offering a unique sonic experience that brings “Water In The Moon” to life. Set to be released on both vinyl and digital platforms, the wax version of the album unveils ten tracks across two 12″ records in May and June, followed by the full digital album release featuring all twelve songs in their original intended order, complete with exclusive additions.

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