Cesare vs Disorder makes his return to Suleiman with four stripped-back and techy tracks

Cesare vs Disorder makes his return to Canadian record label Suleiman with four stripped-back and techy tracks.

Born in Italy but currently based in Brazil, Cesare vs Disorder is a forward-thinking house artist whose style fuses jazz-inspired rhythms and melodies with electronic sound design. He has been releasing music for nearly two decades and has featured on scene-leading record labels such as Get Physical, Cocoon, Transmat, Crosstown Rebels and his own imprint Serialism Records.

He also composes music and sound for film and TV along with being an internationally respected DJ who has played everywhere from Australia to America, including world-famous venues such as London’s fabric and Berlin’s Watergate. He is also a resident at D-Edge club in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“New Order” orientates around deep chords and a looped piano nestled on a bed of rippling texture. Its shuffling percussion and dubby sound design keep it dance floor focused while also creating an immersive atmosphere.

“Abaya” has off-kilter pads that wiggle through the flowing rhythms of a conga loop that’s cut by jazzy bursts of double bass. It’s a moody track with a trippy vibe and hypnotic groove.

“Limanade” is a murky track with liquid textures and metallic synths that layer over breakbeat percussion to create a psychedelic atmosphere with eerie undertones.

“Sogno Di Una Notte Di Mezza Estate” is an experimental cut with pop-inspired vocals layered over dreamy melodies with twinkling sound design. Flutters of piano and a heavy breakbeat provide a solid foundation that grounds this otherwise light and breezy track.

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