Blank Code imprint drops M4 Compilation

Blank Code is a Detroit, USA outfit that have released music by artists like Bas Mooy, Drumcell, Mike Parker, Audio Injection / Truncate and many more.

The Blank Code co-founder Anthony Jimenez has also released on Mike Derer’s Northern Parallels and Detroit Underground, while he has performed alongside Regis, Silent Servant and Developer. “Insurgent” is a spacey and tubular trip with warping acid and intense alarm-like, looping tones. The robotic vocal hit adds an unexpected twist with chanting sensation to this dance floor devastator.

Brian Sanhaji is a veteran producer and engineer in Berlin who returns to Blank Code, as well as having appeared on Chris Liebing’s CLR, Heiko Laux’s Kanzleramt, Droid Records and running the SENSOR and EgoTon labels. “Phasis” is a modular ride of freaky frequencies and crunching percussion. Bursting with energy and raw power, it showcases his fine analogue production with a sliver of experimentation.

Linear System is a Spanish artist who has released music on esteemed labels like Edit Select, Ben Sims’ Symbolism and Dynamic Reflection. “Shape Shifter” is a brooding juggernaut made of raw tension that culminates in pounding, crushed drums as its main focus. Heavy and hypnotic it draws attention with its apocalyptic menace, but it’s ultimately a sharpened, underground club weapon.

Mexico’s Luis Flores is another seasoned beat-maker who has released on Blank Code previously and also lists Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Emmanuel’s ARTS and Truncate’s imprint. “Man Vs Nature” begins with a shuffling kick and swelling sub bass, followed by sci-fi bleeps and abstract sound effects. Almost cinematic overall, the scything synth creates a dystopian feeling of intimidating electronic growls.

San Francisco’s Max Gardner has over a decade of releases and is the co-owner of Peer Audio. He has also appeared on Northern Parallels, Oktave as well as remixing Drumcell and Truncate. “Delamination” has a deep and jackin’ stance from the word go, while its vitality increases from the sputtering hi-hats and fizzing touches. Steady, muted claps add even more vigour and the metallic stabs create a haunting, emotional experience.

Takaaki Itoh is one of Japan’s most prominent techno artists who has released on Bas Mooy’s Mord, Adriana Lopez’s Grey Report, Developer’s Modularz and Lewis Fautzi’s Faut Section to name only a few. “Vital Blind” uses its quirky, stuttering hits to shape a spine of thumping percussion. Pulsing, modular-fuelled accents and electronic signals frame the sonic airwaves while being guided by a grungy, throbbing bassline.

Grab it here.