Bae Blade drops debut EP ‘Mixed Feelings’ on Mutual Pleasure – Out Now

Darling of the underground scene, Dortmund (DE)’s Bae Blade marks her newly expanding global reach with the insanely uptempo debut EP, four-tracker ‘Mixed Feelings’ on Mutual Pleasure (out Sept 1st). Prepare for a full-on onslaught of hard-edged, hyperfast techno/breakbeat/trance spiked with catchy hooks from other genres/times, dark and dancefloor ready. First single ‘Busy Overthinking’ was championed by Sarah Story (Track ID’ on Radio 1), Mixmag, Flux and Byte FM.

Touring as a pro photographer with bands from Hip Hop (inc. Woo-hah festival (Tilburg, NL) to Indie-folk while studying exposed her to multiple sounds now in her own armoury. She launched her ‘Bae Blade’ project in lockdown; a mix she uploaded took off organically, leading to her HÖR debut and status as a regular. Now, with international gigs under her belt and a Rinse residency since February 2023, she is poised to take her place as a swiftly rising star as EP ‘Mixed Feelings’ hits the ground running and never lets up.

 ‘Busy Overthinking’: a relentless bombardment of high energy dance fuel of drum/hihats/claps blurring techno/house/breakbeat in their sheer frenetic dash, with that bassy synth riff, a pitch-shifted female vocal and some melodic synth strains singing above.

‘I Like’ keeps up the speed, this time with breakdowns, in a breaksy percussion-rich blast of scattery drums, powerful bass synth riff, and uncompromising spoken vocals under the surface.

‘Bossed Up’: imagine breakbeat-driven, steroid-crazed robots gone feral in some dystopian abandoned car factory, what with deep male vocal riffing, twangy jerky bass, and a slightly trancey breakdown of suspenseful synth, and even a possible nod to fellow-German icons Kraftwerk’s ‘Pocket Calculator’ towards the end.

‘Schneller Als Die Scuderia (ft SeppXTC)’: ‘faster than a Ferrari’? yes indeed, and a breaksy background topped with German rapper SeppXTC doing his stuff.

‘I wanted the freedom to cover as many genres in one EP as possible. The four tracks on this EP are all different, from 4 to the floor beat, to electro to that 808 hip-hop beat, the rapping… As humans we have different sides to us. I want my music to show that.’

Bae Blade’s ‘Mixed Feelings’ EP is out now on Mutual Pleasure. Get it here!