Adana Twins & Darlyn Vlys Release ‘Distant Dream’ EP on TAU

Time for a family collaboration as Adana Twins link up with TAU mainstay Darlyn Vlys for a three-track excursion into a Distant Dream. Label heads Benjamin and Friso combine their creative talent with Darlyn’s similarly fertile mind, creating three tracks that embody the label’s diverse output. There are elements of techno, disco, electro and house present throughout this release, with an overall sonic aesthetic that is utterly captivating and fully representative of the TAU sound.

‘Distant Dream’ sets the tone with Krakow Loves Adana on vocals. Disco-esque beats and bass provide the backbone to this mesmerising cut, with Krakow’s voice peppering the intro. Once the track gets going, we’re treated to emotive songwriting alongside equally stirring arrangement. In particular, the main motif is sure to provoke an emotional charge on the dance floor. Beautifully composed.

Up next is ‘Phase One’, which kicks off with a minimal intro, building into pulsating rhythm and punchy beats. This driving cut engulfs you in its layers of alluring synth, as Adana Twins and Darlyn utilise the power of tension, along with a trusty modulated acid line. As the track progresses, it’s all encompassing energy will whisk you away into another dimension. Hold on to your hats for the huge breakdown.

Lastly, ‘Starwave’ features an oscillating b-line that will lock you into its grip straight away. Here, the progression is steady, with soothing pads washing over the low end and a heartrending melody providing the centrepiece of this moving composition. The Twins and Darlyn switch things up midway through, introducing an ominous synth line, before the breakdown guides us into the wondrous second half. A spellbinding end to this superb EP.

Adana Twins & Darlyn Vlys – Distant Dream EP is out now via TAU: