Adam Beyer, B-Zet and York Remix ‘No Fate’

A collective formed by dance music heavyweights Sven Väth, Matthias Hoffmann and Steffen Britzake (B-Zet), Zyon were one of the first electronic acts to grace the iconic Eye Q Records, gaining immediate worldwide acclaim for their 1992 hit No Fate. The trance offering became a staple amongst the electronic music community, and following a cover by Scooter in 1997, it was clear that the record’s impact would be felt for years to come. Having remained relatively untouched for the past two decades, No Fate now receives a new lease of life through a string of contemporary reworks, reminding the next generation of dance music followers of its historic importance.

No Fate’s resurgence is launched with a huge melodic techno remix from one of the scene’s most authoritative figures, Adam Beyer. The Swedish talent has a highly recognisable sound palate that’s built on intoxicating synth leads and hard-hitting percussion; his contribution to this project proving no exception. Guiding the original mix into heavier, techno waters, Beyer’s remix is a welcomed take on this classic old-school trance number and will no doubt receive heavy circulation across the club and festival circuit over the course of 2023. Adam Beyer’s remix of No Fate is available now across all streaming platforms and via twelve x twelve as a Digital Vinyl / Music NFT with exclusive content, ownership and limited access to the community.

Next to join the release is B-Zet (Stevie B-Zet / Steffen Britzake) – one of the three musical masterminds behind the original record – who returns over thirty years later to deliver a completely fresh perspective on his storied opus. Available exclusively as a Digital Vinyl / Music NFT, the remix marks a triumphant return to the release radar for the keyboard player and producer, following a six year hiatus from releasing music.

Rounding out the record’s revival, we’re treated to the dark melodies and rolling rhythms of brotherly duo YORK. The German natives give us a replete sense of ‘the journey’ with their rework, as they cut through monumental trance riffs, all-encompassing percussion, reflective breaks and epic apex moments. Landing on all streaming platforms from July 14, the pair’s emotionally charged remix is currently available as Digital Vinyl / Music NFT.

Why digital vinyl? The artist regains artistic freedom instead of algorithmic control, and their fans once again own a piece of music history. Through exclusive content and limited access, the artist and super fans foster a stronger connection and mutual growth.

Zyon – No Fate Remixes (featuring remixes from , B-Zet and are now available as Digital Vinyl / Music NFT via twelve x twelve and Embassy One:

Zyon – No Fate (Adam Beyer Remix) is available to stream now via all major streaming platforms: here.