A glimpse into the Dutch underground techno scene in a new movie ‘Return To Planet Underground’

In ‘Return To Planet Underground,’ director Gideon Homes presents audiences with an enthralling glimpse into the Dutch underground techno scene, delivering a gripping dark milieu drama filled with intense moments and poignant human tragedies.

The narrative revolves around a former underground techno DJ navigating the labyrinth of a prestigious law firm, only to spiral down into the shadows of a society already at war. Caught in moral gray areas, he confronts the past while glimpsing an uncertain future, stirring amidst the remnants of the real underground.

This film is not merely a visual feast; it’s a compelling exploration that immerses viewers in the lives of its protagonists. Set against the backdrop of driving techno beats, ‘Return To Planet Underground’ takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of human desires, drug-fueled escapades, social pressures and the pursuit of perfectionism. It’s a cinematic intoxication that lingers.

Drawing inspiration from iconic films such as Trainspoting, Berlin Calling, and Human Trafic, Gideon Homes’ work stands out with its unique stylistic devices and unconventional storylines. The film touches the soul in ways distinct from its influences, promising an unforgettable experience.

Grounded in true events and personal experiences, ‘Return To Planet Underground’ faced numerous legal challenges before finally breaking free to captivate audiences worldwide. Prepare for an immersive dive into a world where music, morality, and the human spirit collide.


Return To Planet Underground’ is set to make its worldwide premiere on February 2, 2024.


Get an exclusive sneak peek with the oficial trailer, available below:

Return To Planet Underground (Part 1) from Return To Planet Underground on Vimeo.

Synopsis x Return To Planet Underground

A former underground techno DJ working at a big, famous law firm gets into the dark side of society, where the war has already begun, and finds himself in moral gray areas. With one eye on the past and one eye on the future, he stirs in the ashes of the real underground. Social interweavings with the past and obligations in the future form dramatic forces that affect the protagonist. Society’s demand to function superficially and to deliver top performances increasingly collides with the protagonist’s questioning of his own life reality and the values from his past.

After being employed for almost six years and being a respected employee, Tyrel gets sick. Besides this, he was a witness to fraud taking place within the company and asks to leave. But being sick creates a complex situation in which his employer starts playing a chess game with Tyrel. Tyrel’s four best friends (Inne, Mike, Floor, and XL) leave him when Tyrel is starting to slip away.

His friends do not take his situation seriously and spin the problem on Tyrel. This results in disconnection from his friends he has known for 25 years. This leads him to decline his friends’ invitation to one of their regular party nights they space out together. This night, he takes a different road going to a party from his cousin where he meets Lu Lu. Lu Lu, a creative and wild creature, connects with Tyrel, having had her own share of social injustice. Lu Lu gets pregnant. But the different cultural backgrounds and mindsets create a new problem for Tyrel, puting more pressure on his already complex and unwinnable situation.

Another friend Tyrel knows from the underground scene is called Fictor. Fictor sees himself as the king of the local underground scene as he has been ruling the scene with his illegal parties for decades. After meeting up with Tyrel after years, Fictor seems to reconnect with Tyrel but leaves him stranded like his other friend. But Tyrel now sees that what Fictor was talking about, looking back at their conversations more than a decade back. Tyrel sees what has become of Fictor’s Anticlub organization, which is spreading all around.

After the protagonist loses his job while having serious health problems, he tries to fight back against the injustice that was put on him. Being in need of help, Tyrel sees that he is pretty much alone in this fight. The complex entanglement between different kinds of laws and government agencies is so complex that Tyrel as prey will always be on the losing side. But with help from an old friend called the Philosopher, Tyrel gets on a somewhat spiritual way in solving the problems he has gotten into. After his father’s death and the previous deaths in his family, he sees his future more clearly. Skylar gives Tyrel direction as everything comes falling down. Through this relationship, Tyrel has a glimmer of hope while trying to help Skylar with music.

With all the pressures on Tyrel, he has to make hard decisions, balancing the good and evil around him and choosing his battles wisely, while geting back the name he has lost. How deep the rabbit hole goes is the question, but for Tyrel, there is no way back.