Interview: XARXAY

Up next in our interview series is LA based record producer, DJ, electronic musician, and sound designer Xarxay. We got a chance to speak with him about the scene in the USA, his musical background and upcoming single ‘U L T R A V I O L E T’ that is set to be released on May 20th.

Presave the track here.

For starters let’s introduce you a bit more to our readers. Who is XARXAY and what is his mission on the electronic music scene?

Thank you Only Techno for giving me a truly exciting audience to share with. Well who is Xarxay? I’m a sound designer, dance music producer and DJ. My goal is to create spiritful energy with each individual. I want to leave you with something. A positive aura of energy – a timeless feeling.

Being present in the USA electronic music scene, how would you say LA scene has influenced your sound?

The activated mentalities of the majority of the people I’ve met out here is unparalleled – in my experience. I’m very grateful for all encouraging communities I’m a part of here in Los Angeles. My humble hopes are that the city continues to be my loving home and I’m able to walk amongst giants.

How would you say you developed your sound?

What was your first contact with dirty South Hip Hop and Bass House? When I first started sound designing and producing I didn’t know that I could be an individual. Over the years I was able to finally find myself and define my own sound. I was exposed to multiple genres and my influence came from all around. My first introduction to Dirty South was Three 6 Mafia. I was born in Nashville TN and since they were from Memphis TN and (even called the “stateside heroes”) they were always playing in my city. I was then exposed to House Music while living in Chicago. That is where I started my DJing in nightclubs and raves. I listen to a large majority of genres and sub genres of music. So including elements of many creates an “human AI” of music.

Speaking of making music, how does your creative process start? As a producer do you prefer some key element you want to hear in a track?

With respects to ULTRAVIOLET the process was organic and amongst friends. When around an encouraging, respectful and hardworking group of people – the opportunities are limitless. Also no one track is rendered equal in my opinion and when an element is warranted and works – I’ll use it. Besides some of my beloved films from the 60s/ 70’s I’ve recently been inspired by the volume of positive feedback and recent kinetic energy around my work.

In your opinion, how important are the vocal parts for the listeners?

I find this entirely subjective. Be it the fluctuation of ones mood or the nature of how certain vocals behave as a foundational pillar for a track. As a liaison from the beginning – a mood setter. That we find vital to set the tone. Personally in my tracks I prefer vocals from the Alto, Mezzo, and Soprano range.

Your visuals add the story to your music. How much are the visuals important to you and why?

As a team we all admire the mystery of synesthesia. We believe that one can not ultimately thrive without the other. The visuals paired with ULTRAVIOLET act as a therapy – a release – and a casual but low-key trippy union. The spirit of our team is based in friendship and both track and visuals were created through the same lens.

Speaking of music and your upcoming release ‘U L T R A V I O L E T’, is there anything you want the
reveal and what sound can your fans expect to hear?

ULTRAVIOLET has an elevated fusion sound. Both Dark Techno + Slap House. (SlapTech). I hope each listener enjoys the sound for different reasons. I always want the take away from my music to feel personal and as I’ve said – timeless.

What can you tell us about this release and the idea behind it?

Initially the track was was created for another artist in Winter of 2021. However, it was tabled. The inspiration and invention of the excitement was brought back to life and came during video production. Our team has continued to prove uplifting and positive with how we go about projects together. We are all about enjoying our process and producing quality over quantity. But still efficient for consistency. The collective started this creative tennis match and the sound and visuals of our XJS project developed naturally.

What can you tell us about your collaboration with Chaos Magic Studios and XJS project?

XARXAY as an artist and brand have been working in tandem with CMS since 2016. The merge of their creative magic is then coined the XJS project. We consider XJS like a scout whose mission is to hunt down and discover the ultimate brands merged identity. In the upcoming year we hope to release work under our united branding.

Any upcoming releases or projects you would like to announce?

This summer will be the busiest summer I’ve spent living in Los Angeles! We can already predict that after we announce the united branding we will be in constant production mode. Be on the lookout for upcoming collaboration releases with Ferrigno, The Darbies, Kendra Black and many others!