Interview: THE CELL


We have the pleasure of speaking with techno tastemaker THE CELL to discuss his new release on Black Hair Records. We find out more about his influences, his studio set up and his love of baking…

First of all tell us a bit about you, what’s your story?

I have always loved music, and during the last few years I have really started taking it more seriously. Working a lot in my studio and producing different music with lots of different people, everything from folk to rock to electronic music. The Techno scene has always had a special place in my life. And now I’m really starting to dive into it!

Where does your artist name come from?

No particular place really, just thought it looked cool haha.

What was it that inspired you to make electronic music?

The endless possibilities. To be able to create sounds that no one has ever heard before. To be able to process a sound to infinity. Take the sound from someone dropping a sandwich in a church, and transforming it into a baseline.

Congratulations on your 1st release on Black Hair Records, How would you describe your EP?

It’s just a mix of everything I like in Techno right now. Something I would really dance to if I heard it for the first time

Tell us a bit about your studio set up, do you prefer Digital or Analog or an hybrid set up? And what’s your favorite piece of gear at the moment?

I love hybrid! Most of my production is ITB. But I have a few really nice outboard stuff that I can put sounds through. Just taking a normal Synth vst, and then putting it through a tape delay makes it sound a lot more gritty and interesting. Loving the roland chorus echo re-501 at the moment.

How about your DJ set up, do you have any preference ?

Not really. As long as I feel that I can do the things I want to do. And that nothing stops working haha!

What do you enjoy most in your dj performance? Is it about the energy you and the crowd exchange? Is it about the Venue? What makes you reach the “Nirvana”?

Getting to know the crowd during the set. Seeing how they react to certain things, and then dropping THAT track at the perfect moment!

And what about the Music making process, what do you enjoy most?

When you finally find that sound that you have been looking for. I never know quite what it is I’m looking for. But when I hear it, I just know it’s the right thing!

What else do you do apart from Music /what are your other interests? / What are you interested in?

I love baking. Me and my friend have just started experimenting a lot with pies!

What inspired you to make this EP?

I don’t really know what inspires me really. It’s just usually there, otherwise I try to force it out. And that usually works pretty good.

What are your plans for the near future?

Doing more music and gigs! And eating more candy.

Nanopath is out now! Grab it here.


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