Interview: PSAiR

Up next in our series of interview we have an up and coming name from Asian electronic scene – PSAiR. We spoke with him about his music, latest releaseThe Lost Tribes and the scene in Asia. Enjoy!

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Hello! Thanks for your time! How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? Who is PSAiR? Tell us something more?

“PSAiR” an abbreviated of DJ Prithvi Sai’s real name Prithvi Sai R, started my career as Asia’s Youngest DJ in 2008 and I explored this talent at a very young age which gave me the courage to pursue it as a career when I was 10 years old. Since then I produced many mesmerizing melodies and groovy EDM tracks, and I was been named the Emerging Best EDM artist in Asia and gained a reputation as an EDM and Big Room commercial artist.

Hailing from India, how do you think that the scene there is shaping your significant music, or do you believe something else is inspiring that sound?

India is a land of the greatest Musicians; I’ve grown up listening to Maestro Illayaraja and the Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman. I love “David Guetta” & “KSHMR” music too. Indian classical music, and multiple varieties of folk-influenced me a lot. I make sure; there is an Indian flavor in all my compositions. Take my Big Room releases as Prithvi Sai like Paroo, Deva, Oceans, and Sitar in Melbourne; they all have Indianized Electronic Dance Music. In India, people liked my music and performance. They supported me from the beginning and especially the Police department. Even though I was 10 years old, they allowed me in Clubs as an artist. I performed in all the best clubs in India from Chandigarh to Cochin.

What do you think about the electronic scene in Asia?

The electronic scene in Asia is booming. People are willing to step out to watch for good performers & Music. Most of the leading international names have toured in India in the last few years and we have local talents carving their own identity into the Electronic Dance Music scene. The future looks bright for electronic music in India, provided, Indians have to support real local talents.

Speaking of making music, how does your creative process start? As a producer do you prefer some key element you want to hear in a track?

As I told you, I’ve grown up listening to the greatest music composers. Their music has always inspired me. When I started my career as a DJ, A R Rahman won the Oscar for “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2009. Whole India has celebrated that moment. He was national pride. Then I thought, I should make Music along with performing as a DJ. We get more recognition as a producer than as a DJ. I released my first House Music Album “MASTER BLAST” when I was 13 years old in 2011. From then onwards, I produced many tracks in EDM, Big Room, and Bollywood remixes and now, I wanted to produce some unique sounds in Techno & House genre as I see a large scale techno/deep house or some progressive acts are being played in the country and worldwide, every weekend.

Earlier this year you released the ‘Eternal Love’. Can you tell us how are you satisfied with the feedback so far?

Eternal Love is close to my heart. This is a tune from Bollywood Classic Movie “Karz”. I love the tune, since childhood. I made EDM version of it and whenever I used to perform in front of a huge crowd, everyone used to go crazy for the tune. So I thought, why not a Techno version of it. I have taken a popular bit from the song and added some vocals dialogues about LOVE in it. I got a lot of appreciation and messages from biggies for “Eternal Love”. I’m still enjoying the success.

The reason for this interview is your brand new release ‘The Lost Tribes’, for starters, how would you describe the music to our readers who haven’t heard the track yet?

“The Lost Tribes” is a House music single, produced using some African, and Indian vocals & tribal beats. I wanted to staple my music in popular clubs across the world. I thought of making a groovy track that has a core melody, and consist of several different live drum sounds. It’s a fusion of various styles of electronic dance music, ranging from uplifting and cheerful to dark and aggressive in the mood.

Can you tell us something more about this release? What were the inspiration and the story behind it?

“The Lost Tribes” has been released under “Glerx Records”. Tribal House music is currently the primary genre of dance music played in the dance events & festivals held worldwide. I believe that the known vocals catch people’s minds immediately. I’m very new to this Genre. No one recognizes me and to be frank, doesn’t even bother to listen to my music. So, I thought if a popular and known melody is been presented in a different style and genre, people will connect to it immediately. If the sounds are good and different, the track is successful.

Until you are successful, one will care to listen to your music. To become successful, you need to take some successful music bits and make a track, with different sounds. My recent releases “Smoke on the Water”, and “Eternal Love” are made with the same idea. I got a huge response from many talented producers and DJs around the world. People slowly started liking my style. I think after some time, people will at least bother to listen to my music.

Top 5 tracks at the moment?

Monolink – Return The Oz (Artbat Remix)
Tabu – Artbat
Hingo – Space Motion feat. Idd Aziz
Tataki – Argy
Yeke Yeke – Space Motion

Any upcoming releases or projects?

My upcoming release is BOMBAY produced in the Tech House genre. I’m very excited about it, as I have taken a small melody tune from the Bollywood movie BOMBAY, composed by A R Rahman. I made it differently keeping the soul of the tune intact.