Interview: POPOF


We have the pleasure of speaking with famed French tastemaker POPOF to talk mega raves, the scene in France and releasing on Nicole Moudaber’s Mood Records…

How are you, what’s good and bad right now?

Hello! I’m doing great. What’s good? So much stuff going on, with my latest release, “Confusion” EP on Mood Records, my next EP, “Enforced”, out soon on Truesoul. My label Form Music’s showcase at Nikki Beach on March 21st then my Ultra Resistance Miami gig on March 23rd… Which is also bad because I’m so busy!

After twenty years in the game, what sticks out as some of your proudest achievements?

There are a few events I’m super proud of, from the time I was in (Cult French collective) Heretik System and we organized an illegal twenty-thousand-strong mega-rave in the middle of Paris at the Molitor swimming pool, to being named in 2009 as the Paris Techno Parade’s Honoury Patron along with Culture Minister Jack Lang. Then to doing Space Ibiza’s very last, farewell closing a couple of years ago, to playing last year at Glastonbury 2017 in front of crazy, soaking wet fans….

And what have you had to overcome in that time, that have been the hardest parts of the job?

Probably being away so much from my family and my son.

How has your sound and style evolved in that time? Do you still recognize yourself in your first releases?

I’ve never had a “sound” to begin with! I started out playing hardcore stuff, moved on to minimal, experimented with House music on Jamie Jones’ “Hot Creations” label, and now I’m back to techno, with a sprinkle of Acid so … My music from ten years ago is definitely different from today, and will certainly differ later.

What state is the French scene in now? Are there lots of young artists coming through, is there enough going on locally to inspire them?

The French electronic music scene is bursting with energy. There are so many new, young talents out there. Lots of venues in big cities are doing an amazing job bringing innovative artists and concepts.

How did you link up with Nicole Moudaber and end up on her label?

My manager happens to be Lebanese just like her. They know each other well. He knows how much I respect her personally and professionally so he made things happen.

Did you produce something specifically for MOOD? Does the label have a certain sound in your head?

Not really. I made some tracks, they were sent to Nicole, she loved what she heard, and there you go.

Your label releases a lot of music. Is that important to stay popular and in people’s minds?

Not at all. When I founded Form Music in 2009, the purpose was to provide a platform for artists, new and seasoned alike, to release interesting, innovative music.
The purpose hasn’t changed since then: we release good stuff we like, from UMEK’s “Quest Chain” EP recently to Animal and Me’s “Pareidolia” EP out soon.

What is the MO, the sound of the label – what are you looking to release and sign?

I think the main criteria is to like what we hear.

What’s next for you, what else have you got coming up?

So you’ve got my “Enforced” EP out soon on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul imprint, another EP of mine will be released during the year on Form Music. I have two tracks with Stefano Cosa also getting released on Stefano Noferini’s Deeperfect imprint, then I’ll have some music released on Jamie Jones’ Paradise on Earth label as well …

There’s more but I can’t tell you now 😉

Confusion EP is out now! Grab it here.


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