Interview: Marcelo Demarco


Renowned South American producer and DJ, and SURO Records label boss Marcelo Demarco is the next in line in our interview series!

Marcelo’s impact on the electronic music world over the last three decades has been nothing short of commendable. Born and raised in Uruguay, Marcelo’s passion for culturally inspired dance records has seen him masterfully crafting unparalleled House and Techno cuts since the mid-’90s – earning him an undisputed reputation that continues to grow globally. Marcelo’s works have seen him featured on labels like IAMT and DECHAPTER, as well as his SURO Records imprint.

Marcelo Demarco recently released a new single ‘Checkmate’ that is topping the Beatport charts, so he had a little time to speak with us about the track and more.

Hello! Thanks for your time.

Hi, thank you very much for the opportunity to talk about my passion.

How does your creative process start?

It’s hard to define how exactly is the process but I can say that for me there are no recipe and sometimes I feel like everything just come to me very easily and sometimes it just doesn’t, which could be frustrating when you are dealing with deadlines. But I can’t just rush to end a track because it needs to grow at it’s own pace to be good.

What is your weekly routine in the studio?

I don’t have a routine and sometimes I spend entire days locked in the studio and also can be weeks without even entering.

You have recently released a brand new single named Checkmate. Could you reveal something more about this release?

I produce “Checkmate” in my studio in Punta del Este after my return from Europe in February. It was designed specifically for IAMT red and was one of this works that come naturally and in a few days that I spent while quarantining,

I had nothing much to do and dedicate my full energy to that project.

Checkmate’ is the track that’s topping the Beatport chart, so how are you satisfied with the feedback so far?

Of course I am more than happy with the results, had received a great feedback from many artists and media, much more of what I was anticipating to be honest.


What’s your opinion on the current livestreaming trend among DJs?

Unfortunately for us DJs we don’t have other options, I know it’s far from being in front of the crowd but it’s a way to keep on doing what we love. I am wishing for the live events to start soon, I am very optimistic about it.

What is underground to you?

I am not very good with definitions but I would consider underground anything that is not comercially driven. Opposite to mainstream and the known formulas to make money. Underground artists are free to express their art.

Which artists or labels would you say affected your music and style over the years?

I find inspiration in so many different places. I listen to music all day since I wake up, all sorts of genre and I can pick things from rock bands or 80’s new wave.

Do you believe that labels and label owners have a responsibility towards the scene and the people?

Not really, I don’t expect anything from a label or the owners, it’s just another job, a very hard one I must say. It’s very difficult and expensive to run a record label. Some are doing a good job some others are just very bad but that’s it. When you see a label or an artist that used to be underground and then become commercial I could feel a bit of a disappointment but at the end of the day we are all trying to do what we can in this very difficult industry.

How would you describe the current situation on the global electronic scene?

Now it’s a complete disaster obviously because we were stopped from being able to Dance, the story is well known by everybody but I am very confident that when this limitation are lifted its going to be a big boom for our scene. Just wait and see.

What are your plans for your label SURO records?

We have been working a lot to give the label a big boost. We have signed a few very good artists for this year and I am very happy that I have a great team now and big things are coming on our way.

Can you name top 5 tracks released by your label that you would like our readers to hear?

The 5 must hear of SURO would be:
1- Hellotrip – Hallucination (Original Mix)

2- Neena Forster – Dualism (Original Mix)

3- Brisboys – Shoot Thru (Marcelo Demarco Remix)

4- Optimuss – Realms of Mind (Origina Mix)

5- DØC – Up Town Gurl (Original Mix)

Are you planning some new music and projects soon?

I have a lots of projects and many requests from different labels, my next signed one is a track called “The Basement” signed with Numen coming at the end of the summer.


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