Interview: Lopezhouse

Hey guys, looking back how was your 2022, both personally and in your career?

2022 was pretty good for us. We released our album debut with Bedrock Records and we also started working with Underwater events with the help of Victor Alcalde and Abraham, our managers, who we have a special relationship with, we are really grateful for their hard work. We had some others highlights this year like playing live in the Spanish National TV, playing in big festivals like Aquasella and B1ONX Fest and picking up John at the airport when we played at an Underwwater Event

What was the best Xmas gift you gave and best you received?

Spending some time with our family and friends is the best present.

When did you first meet and why work together?

We Both Live in the same town, It is called Vadepeñas, 200 km at South of Madrid. We are the same age,we went to the same school, and the same pubs, common friends… Carlos always played in local garage groups, more rock, grunge, and I Loved it too, I was a dj and I needed to know about production, a common friend told me that Carlos had knowledge on music production and this is the common point to start working together.

How has it evolved over the last decade?

During this years we have consolidate our project with a personal style wich is so difficult. It hasn´t been easy to get to this point, we had our ups and downs specially through the pandemic and are very aware of the long way that we have ahead. Fortunately we have a good friendship, enjoying and working with enthusiasm. Regarding the friendship, we have met many people in and out of the music industry and made many friends that we consider as a family.

What was the aim and inspiration of this new ep?

We wanted to do music for people to dance and tried to make a little wink to two reference bands for us, Motorhead and The Who.

How different is it to the LP and EPs you have done for this label before?

In “Iraila” we try to mixing that influences from rock music, keeping elements like electric bass, classic organ and space concept from Apollo, bringing it to the dance floor.

What hopes and dreams do you have for the year ahead?

More festivals and make reality a tour in SouthAmerica in wich we are working on. We love to play live!

What were you most proud of achieving in 2022?

We are proud of getting our music outhere and having all this wonderful response from all the people that enjoy, it´s a dream for us.

What else have you got coming up?

Currently we have a strong remix for an important Spanish Indie band and planning a Latam tour for 2023 and more music. We want to thank everyone who has been helping us and giving us their love and support. Love to you all.XXX

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