Interview: HNQO

We have the pleasure of speaking with none other than HNQO! One of the latest rising stars in the underground electronic scene, this mans work rate is undisputed, as is his skill in the studio. There’s no better demonstration of this, than his latest LP ‘The Old Door’ on Gui Boratto’s DOC label. We find out more about the album, the creative process and the inspiration behind it…

Henrique! How are you?

Hello guys. I’m fine thank you.

The new album is great! Tell us bit about what went into the creative process and what inspired it?

Thank you, glad you liked it! The creative process is a mix of emotions during the year it took me to produce the album. Inspired by a year of heavy drinking and partying, a few movies and series, travels, friends, a broken heart, loneliness and then happiness. You know. Inspired by life and how it flows.

Would you say you were experimenting more with this album rather than just tracks for the dance floor?

I would definitely say so. I’ve made an album thinking about the music itself and not the reactions it could cause on a dance floor.

Why did you decide to release on DOC rather than your own Playperview label?

I was first going to release on Playperview, but DOC had a great deal with Kompakt and the distribution would be bigger and well covered if made by them. I also like the idea of being part of the DOC family and having a closer relation with Gui Boratto and the label’s artist.

How does it feel to be finally releasing a debut album? Quite a milestone in a DJs career!

It feels good man! Specially something that you make from the heart. To all the people who followed this process with me it is very transparent that I was having fun and I was completely into it with my soul.

What studio set up did you use to produce the album?

I’d rather show a photo of it, but it’s basically a DAW, few synths. Moog, Korg, Roland, few drum machines, Tempest, Vermona, Tanzbar and also a bag filled with percussion instruments that I have recorded using an SE X1 condenser mic. After finishing the album I sold a few instruments that I didn’t use the entire year.

Describe your sound in five words.

Emotional, noisy, synthesis, drum, fillled.

Will there be a tour for HNQO now the album is out? What are the plans for the upcoming months?

I’ll be touring Brazil at the moment and it’s summer and next year we’re planning a tour over Europe.

How do you balance studio time and gigging?

The year it took me to produce this album was very chilled regarding gigs. I was doing 3 or 4 gigs a month and working in the studio the rest of the days. I could have make it longer or shorter but it was just as I felt it needed to be and I quite liked the result.

What are your essentials for life in the studio and life on the road?

Inspiration is definitely an essential for the studio life and the road needs a bit of craziness to handle.

What Brazilian up and coming artists are ones to watch?

Shadow Movement, Victor Enzo, Caio Stanccione.

What does the future hold for HNQO? Any further releases for us to be excited about?

There is an EP coming late November with a remix from Kompakt/DOC l_cio. One of my tracks featuring a compilation on Get Physical. Next year there will also be an EP with remixes for my album as well and the studio work goes on.

HNQO’s ‘The Old Door’ LP is out now on DOC. Grab it here.