Interview: Dennis Cruz

Dennis Cruz Speaks To Us Ahead of Releasing Rock n Roll EP.

Let’s start with your recently won prize, Best Producer at the DJ Awards! Congrats! Competition was tough!
Thank you, yes was a bit hard, a lot of big talents for the same award. Im very grateful.

Your new EP ROCK & ROLL is just out on Solid Grooves Records, tell us something more about it.
Well, like many people know, I release every year an Ep with my family from Solid Grooves. I think this EP is coming strong. I have been testing the tracks on my gigs last few months and the feedback from the crowd is amazing. Are u Rock & Roll?

What would you say would be a goal for producers when they start working on a track?
when i start a track i have an idea on mind and I focus my sound on the groove trying to make people dance

As a producer with releases on renowned labels, where are you finding inspiration, and is it hard or easy for you to make music in diverse styles. Could you explain us your creative process.
I find inspiration everywhere, other songs, diferents generes, vocals. I just go to the studio and stat sorking and if ispirations comes that not always come… Is like lot of ideas coming and i try to shape all this ideas on the ableton live mode and when i have most of it i go to make the arregment of the track intro breaks etc

When is the best time of day to be in studio?
For me is always the night… I use to start in the afternoon and sometimes when I come out is the dawn!

You started going to parties at 16 and soon started DJing as well, so what attracted you to electronic music the most?
since the first time i went to my first party in madrid, i fell in love with electronic music, the music, the lights and all this good vibes.

When did you realize that DJing is going to be your professional career?
Well, when I started, I loved it and I knew if I worked hard it could be my professional career… Is a dream come true to live doing what you like.

Being from Spain, what would you say is the best club someone can visit in your country?
Fabric in madrid, is one of my favourite, always with good line ups and a really good sound system.

How would you describe the current situation on global electronic scene?
I think is growing up day by day and ins one of the most international kind of music.

What tracks you are playing recently that make best peak-time moments?
&ME – Avalon or my new track Rock n Roll work really good on the peak times.

Where can we see you play in the following weeks?
There are a few, lol:

02.11 Rumors @Philladelphia
03.11 Estate Rooftop @Chicago. US
04.11 Analog @NYC. US
10.11 Club Vibe @Curitiba. BR
11.11 XXX Festival @Sau Paulo. BR
11.11 Chackra @Sao Bento do Sul. BR
17.11 Halcyon @SF. US
18.11 Ethics @Austin. US
24.12 Snatch! at Egg London @London. UK
07.12 Big Family at Amnesia @Milano. IT
09.12 CRKVA @Rijeka. CR
15.12 Rave on Snow @Saalbach, AT
16.12 Solid Grooves at Source Bar @Maidstne. UK
22.12 Solid Grooves at Gorilla @Manchester. UK
23.12 TBC @Zurich. CH
24.12 Lockroom at Favela @Limassol. CY
25.12 Playground at Ritual, Athens, GR
27.12 Circus at Camp and Furnace, Liverpool. UK
29.12 BPM, Quito. EC
31.12 Solar, Punta Negra, PE