Interview: ARTBAT

ARTBAT are a Ukranian duo who’s reputation is soaring after recent releases on both Diynamic and Suara, that have climbed to the top end of the Beatport Charts. With 4 gigs lined up in Ibiza next month too, in both Pacha & Destino, we sat down with the guys to discuss their rise to the top over the last 12 months…

Words: Ian Fleming

How did you guys first meet? What made you want to work together?

First time we met in an underground venue The Lab here in Kiev. We both were interested in something new and decided to try to make some music and see what will come of it. From the first time in the studio we’ve got good emotions and had stuff that we thought will be interesting to work on it, so we decided to continue work and see what will happen then.

And who does what? Do you each have certain skills in the studio that you bring to the table?

We work together as one organism and always try to approach the creation of the track critically and listen to our feelings very carefully. We both bring ideas, combinations or style solutions, and make mastering of tracks by ourself. Every track is like our child and the creation process differs with each track.

You worked solo a long time before you linked – how different is it now in a partnership do you think?

Yes, we worked solo like dj’s here in Ukraine and having a big djing experience, but when we started our project, the real fun began and the pleasure from the happening is hard to either compare or convey. We are never bored and always interested in achieving and simultaneously sharing your impressions and emotions. In writing music it’s also much easier to share energy, creativity and find solutions that will be more objective and professional.

Tell us about your new EPs for Diynamic and Suara – what inspired or influenced them? Where did you write them?

As we said, we have big djing experience and we think that our gigs, travels and performances give us lot of inspiration. Our main goal is to make music for the dance floor, cool parties, in order to share mood and energy with people. It moves us and gives us inspiration and a desire to produce. When we are making a track, we just think if it will give something to people, then when a track works we start to think about a label to release it on. All tracks we write in our small studio.

You often get into the Beatport Charts – is that important for you? What does it mean when you have success like that? Does it inform you next time you go in the studio?

When the track hits the chart for us it means that someone liked it and people will hear it on the dance floors around the world, which means that we are doing something right. It doesn’t help us for the next studio time, as we always like to make something different and not be similar. We’re just glad to share our sound with music lovers.

What is the scene in Ukraine like? How did you first get into dance music, where and when?

For nearly 10 years both of us played separately in very different clubs in Kiev. It could be very underground club, afterparty club or most popular beach club in Ukraine. We like to share our sound and have fun with people during our parties in different clubs.

Nightlife in Ukraine is getting better and better every year now. Of course there was some difficulties because of the revolution that was in 2013, but now everything is going in the right way. We are actually very happy to be an integral part of Ukrainian nightlife. We’re making a lot of cool parties in Kiev in our residency CHI by Decadence and taking part in most of big festivals and events here in Ukraine with pleasure.

Is there a certain sound that is most popular there? A certain style that is very Ukrainian?

Here you can find very different venues and parties with techno, house, with new or old genres of electronic music. It’s good to see that every year more and more people coming from commercial to more underground culture.

You play in Ibiza this summer, right? What do you make of the island? Why is it so special?

Yes, we are very happy to return to Ibiza this season with 4 gigs in Pacha and Destino. We are in love with the Island for its unusual energy, for a nightlife vibe and freedom, for emotions that you can get there on parties or during the day chilling. For us it’s special as it’s always a different experience, hundreds of new acquaintances with people who are in love with music the same as us, for meeting artists and people whom you can’t meet during the year..

Will you play differently in the sun than you do elsewhere?

Of course we always trying to play differently depending of the venue or party. We collect tons of beautiful music for any kinds of sets mostly in house and techno genres.

What is next for you, what else are you working on?

Now we are preparing to release our first video clip of a fresh track «Strap» that was released last Friday on Eklektisch Label. Finishing road tests on some new stuff and will work on releasing them soon. Also we have many interesting gigs this summer, so working a lot on making a new production for them, as we are very like-minded to play and share our stuff for different crowds. Also we are releasing one of our favorite tracks for festivals, it’s remix for Pongo «Loose My Mind» that will come out on 14th July on Connected Label (the sub-label of Kompakt Records).

ARTBAT’S ‘Strap’ is out now on Eklektisch.