Fedele Interview

Hailing from Bari in southern Italy, Fedele’s is a DJ/Producer who so far has embraced every aspect of the global dance music structure, with a focus always on originality and sincerity. He’s a prolific artist who is seen at many of the major and iconic parties globally. We sat down with him recently to discuss how 2024 has treated him so far, and his recent remix of Isis xX “Burn Like Fire”, which is out now on his Obscura Music label…

Hey Fedele! Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with us! How are you? How has the start of 2024 treated you so far?

F: Hey there! It’s great to be here, thanks for having me! I’m great, I just got back from my annual South America tour. I always make a point to visit Tulum and a few other cities like Santiago de Chile, which is one of my favourites. 2024 has got off to an exciting start – lots of news and, of course, new music on the horizon!

What inspired your new remix of ‘Burn Like Fire’ on your label Obscura?

F: It was quite spontaneous actually. One day while scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon a post from my friend Isis. She shared a snippet of her music video, and it instantly caught my attention. I must have played it over 30 times! The more I listened, the more I was drawn to it. So I reached out to her to discuss her plans for the track. It all started from there.

We’re eagerly awaiting the release of your new album on Obscura. Could you give us a sneak peek of what to expect?

F: Absolutely! It’s been a long journey with this album, delayed a bit due to various challenges like the pandemic and significant changes in my career. But it’s finally almost ready. I spent quite some time back then in Barcelona, experimenting and blending different sounds. This album is going to be a unique and personal mix of diverse musical influences. It’s something new and exciting – hope you’re ready for it!

How long has this album been in the making? Did you face any challenges or obstacles?

F: Indeed, creating this album was a journey with its own set of challenges. My perfectionist tendencies meant that the process took more time than initially planned. The most significant hurdle was ensuring that the album stood out as a unique and authentic representation of my musical identity. My goal was to create a body of work that would not only leave a lasting impression but also be a creation that I could look back on with genuine pride.

How would you describe your style of producing? Has it evolved over the years?

F: Reflecting on my style, I see it as a journey of growth and evolution. In the beginning, my approach was very organic, guided by spontaneous bursts of creativity in the studio. As time passed, this raw energy began to take on a more structured form. My current method is a delicate balance of experimentation and intentionality, where each step is a blend of trial, error, and learning. Throughout this evolution, my focus has always been to stay true to my artistic vision, ensuring that each piece of music I create is a genuine expression of myself.

Are there any specific genres that have influenced your style?

F: Yes, many genres! But my style has mainly been influenced by a blend of rock, electro, breaks, disco, house and electronic music. I aim to create something that truly represents me as an artist, not confined to a single genre. While I cherish the diversity in music, it’s more about how these genres intertwine to form a sound that is authentically mine.

Are you working on any Obscura showcases this year? Which has been your favourite so far?

F: Yes, we have several events planned. I’m currently in the middle of an Obscura residency in my hometown, Bari. It’s been an amazing experience to invite friends and fellow artists to perform with me. One highlight was Obscura’s collaborative event last year at ADE with Sci+Tec and Infinite Depth, where I played a 3-hour set with Dubfire. It was special and a lot of fun!

Who are your top 3 artists that inspire you?

F: My musical inspirations have evolved over the years, but artists like Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails have been constant sources of inspiration. Their diversity in style and sound is something that deeply resonates with me. The way their music fuels my own creative process is truly incredible. They’ve played a significant role in shaping the way I approach my work.

What’s the most unusual or unexpected place you’ve ever performed at?

F: Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in many unique places. While the uniqueness of the venue isn’t my primary focus, it certainly adds to the experience. Each performance, regardless of its location, carries its own story. I approach every gig without specific expectations, allowing myself to be open to the experience and often pleasantly surprised. For me, it’s about embracing new challenges and pushing boundaries, whether it’s adapting to a new live set, jumping into an impromptu back-to-back session, or exploring unconventional venues.

We’ve seen you on the lineup for Extrema Festival in Belgium this May. What else is on your agenda? Any other festival performances?

F: This year’s looking exciting! Apart from Extrema Outdoor, I’m playing at Hive Air festival in Switzerland and the Lake Parade in Geneva. There are more festivals in the pipeline. Hope to see everyone out there this summer! 

Fedele’s remix of Xx Isis xX “Burn Like Fire” is out now on his Obscura Music