Why Malta is a Rising Clubbing Hotspot

There are more than 3300 islands in the Mediterranean sea, and one of them is Malta – the most unique destination in the world.

Malta is a small island, but rich in history, natural beauty and more importantly nightlife. Known for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity, people in Malta are traditionally kind-hearted and great hosts. Important is that almost everyone speaks English, which is second official language in the country. This may come in handy when you are a tourist asking for directions and looking for great places to go clubbing or swimming.

New party destination

Malta’s recent spotlight in the international festival league came just few years ago when a couple of promoters from the UK wanted to do something special. Malta already attached a lot of young people, so they saw the opportunity and understood that island would work as a perfect party destination, but we’ll get back to places you can rave in Malta a bit later.

Mediterranean Paradise

Besides rich history, natural beauties and landscapes you’ll see in Malta can’t be found no where else in the world. From Sliema’s Ballutta Bay, Malta’s dreamy many natural pools to exploring the old, narrow streets of Valletta and Mdina, Malta will make you wanting to see more when you wake up after the party you’ve attended.

Malta has rocky beaches and natural swimming pools with clear turquoise water. Just check St. Peters Pool on Delimara promontory. Crystal clear blue water and limestone make a perfect contrast for the most unbelievable and picturesque place to be, and there are so many pools like that in the country. Just image yourself in this paradise.

Blue Grotto and Ghar Lapsi bay are one of the most idyllic spots in Malta for snorkeling and diving. On the west side, you can finish the day with a sunset at Dingli Cliffs before you head to a club in the evening. Take a day trip to Malta’s sister islands of Comino and Gozo by renting a boat. And like this is not enough, go over to Comino’s breathtaking Blue Lagoon, explore the hidden caves en route to Gozo then anchor up in Gozo’s southwest village of Xlendi for a seafood lunch before heading back.

If this haven’t made you wish you visit Malta as soon as possible there is a lot more that awaits.

Let’s start with a large number of fascinating museums and attractions that testify to Malta’s rich and turbulent history within a small area, which is unlike to most travel destinations. Good choice of hotels and other accommodation, perfect weather, are just more reasons why over a million tourist visit the Maltese islands every year. Here you are getting overall holiday experience.

Vibrant nightlife in the rise

As Maltese Islands are known for sunny skies and azure water, nightlife and clubbing in Malta is just another thing that waits to be discovered. Malta is starting to get more recognition for its party scene and there is a vast number of clubs, bars and festivals with more opening each year. And islands’s open-air clubs and boat parties around cliffs offer a unique experience.

With so many festivals now, past few years saw some changes to the infrastructure there club Uno Village became the most renowned place in Malta. Uno was an abandoned club, and now is capable of hosting 10,000 people and has a custom-designed Funktion One sound system.

Glitch Festival 2018 Official Aftermovie

The third edition of Glitch Festival is over, but the memories will last forever. It's been a magical 3 day adventure on the Mediterranean island of Malta and we are honored to have shared them with you!Pre-register for Glitch Festival 2019 👉 www.glitchfestival.com🎥 credits: Videocafe

Gepostet von Glitch Festival am Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

Clubs like Cafe Del Mar and festivals such as lost & found and Glitch became big on global electronic scene and make an impression for Malta as a rave heaven. Even popular party brand Elrow announced its event in Malta.

IMS College returns to Malta

Much-respected conference brand IMS announced the return of its summer camp educational program, IMS College – Malta, for the third year running on 14-15 September. The programme offers the next generation of electronic music artists and professionals the tools and knowledge they need to build a career in the industry.

Working in partnership with global trade body the Association For Electronic Music, leading music production institute Point Blank Music School and preeminent institute of contemporary music Berklee College Of Music, IMS College – Malta will provide a carefully curated schedule of seminars, workshops, discussions and interactive sessions, paired with night time parties throughout the weekend.

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So, when are you planning your trip to this Mediterranean island? Let us know your impressions if you’ve already been there in the comments below.