Waking Life – New festival in Portugal


Waking Life, an adventurous arts and music festival located near the medieval town of Crato, Portugal,
taking place from the 17th till 20th of August 2017. The village is situated in Northern Alentejo –
Portalegre – one of the most deserted regions in Southern Europe. A mythical place where the
boundaries of time and space are limitless. A place with hidden realities waiting to be unveiled, in the
endless plains and mountains, in the water that entertains and cures, in the great open spaces in the
midst of nature.

The festival’s first edition will be a 4-day gathering where all visitors are invited to contribute to the
celebration. The fundamental idea is to facilitate a spellbinding playground where fun, music, creativity and
co-creation are key and where humans and non-humans of all walks are free to (dis)connect.
Waking Life offers a high quality and diverse program, consisting of carefully selected musicians, artists
and performers. The musical program will be co-curated with Giegling, the collective hailing from Weimar,
Germany, and Return, Solid-AM’s party arm. Our three stages by the lake will be the perfect setting to
indulge in a broad spectrum of sound, not limited to electronic music only.

The festival will provide space for a contemporary local community in a rural and natural environment
to thrive. We aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and increase awareness about
the landscape-ecological context of the event. Waking Life will be part of the transition towards taking
environmental and social responsibility in our society.

The first acts to be announced are:
DJ Dustin
Robag Wruhme
Sebastian Mullaert live

To get involved, purchase tickets and discover more visit www.wakinglife.pt.


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