Top Abandoned Places For Festivals and Raves In The World

Raves are today even more about the location rather than line up, and we can see new event announced and most unusual and unexpected places every day.

We gathered up some excellent examples of how rave location can give new dimension of event.

Rave in an Igloo

Ever danced inside an igloo with the stars as your canvas and the world’s greatest DJs as your soundtrack? The Smirnoff Arctic Disco at Snowbombing festival needs to be seen to be believed.

Industrial Park

Techno Rave in an Industrial Park is a thing! Electronic Beats announced the unique location for open air raves is happy to present an open air that will take place at Landscahftspark Duisburg Nord.

Nuclear Bunker

Deep into the forest about 30 miles away from Berlin, we will witness an unforgettable rave. Its a festival named 5001.

Industrial plant of Gamma Festival

Gamma festival takes place in St Petersburg and is an audio visual spectacular of the highest order which fuses avant garde experimental music, art exhibitions and more. Its location is the most dystopian one ever seen!

Fort Punta Christo

For fans of cutting-edge underground dance music, heaven becomes a place on Earth at Dimensions Festival held in Fort Punta Christo, Croatia.

Moscow Subway

Although, raves are not been hosted here, many speculate that one will be held this year. Picturesque The Moscow Subway is a great location for raves.