Top 10 Hollywood’s Raver Stereotypes

6. Damaged and Self-Destructive Teenagers (As seen in: Skins)

Skins both skewers and glorifies British rave culture throughout its excellent seasons. The smallish UK city Effy, Tony, and the gang kids call home is just the perfect setting to portray that “life is meaningless so let’s just get fucked up and dance” British je ne sais quoi. It’s a ton of fun to watch the kids of Skins make terrible life choices, but it’s also hard not to read Effy’s benders and near-death experiences as a cry for help.

7. Industrious Idiots In Over Their Heads (As seen in: Weekender)

This 2011 British party drama shows how bumbling baffoons can make a pretty penny throwing parties for people on drugs. Of course, nothing can rent asunder the unbreakable bond of idiot best friends like money and raves.

8. Talentless Average Joes (As seen in: South Park)

Yeah yeah, DJ’s have no talent, we’ve heard it before—but that doesn’t mean this conventional wisdom doesn’t make for some A+ television. The reveal that Randy Marsh is secretly Lorde via autotune and DJ skillz is a genius moment. The subtext that making electronic music hits can be done by any clueless dad with a laptop? Noted.

9. Hapless Disappointments (As seen in: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

Kimmy and the gang throw subtle shade at DJ’s throughout the show. In one episode, Jacqueline gets involved with a too-pretty, dumb-as-nails dog masseur who has dreams of achieving fame and glory as DJ Fingerblast. In the same episode, when Titus Andromedon is confronted with an “open DJ night,” all he says is “DJ’s? Their poor parents.” Ouch, Titus. Ouch.

10. People With Bad Taste (As seen in: New Girl)

In a “Classic Cece and Winston Mess-Around,” the two besties set out to prove to clueless nerdy bro Schmidt that what makes a “good” EDM song is arbitrary, that just anyone can make a hit, and that overall EDM is garbage for people with no taste. In their words, they’ll make two songs: “one by a recognized ‘EDM Artist’—quotes intended—and one by me.” Schmidt ends up thinking that Winston’s song is by Avicii, but really, can you blame him? Winston’s song is a banger (watch the end of Season 6 Ep. 11 to hear the whole track and watch Schmidt prance around to it in a hockey jersey and cowboy hat. It’s WORTH IT). In conclusion, the gang learns that “EDM is a shenanigan.” Yeah, can’t argue with that.

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